Sanapur – proven concept and system

The comprehensive concept for noticeable relief of the joints and ergonomically correct positioning during sleep

The concentration on a suitable mattress for restful sleep is too little. Attention must be paid to the entire sleeping environment. Even the best mattress cannot develop its qualities if the interaction with the slat base and pillow is not right. If, for example, the head is not optimally positioned due to a wrong pillow, neck tension is the result – even if the mattress is individually suitable.

More and more physiotherapists are working on the right sleeping system. Many problems can be prevented preventively with the right choice – and in the context of a treatment an ergonomic sleep system supports the treatment success. For this reason they recommend the Sanapur sleep system. Sensitive parts of the body – such as the spine, joints and intervertebral discs – are relieved when lying down in the right places and at the same time supported and positioned ergonomically.

The combination of a neck-friendly pillow, pressure-relieving mattress and adjustable slat frame are carefully coordinated in their functionality and ensure relaxed and restful sleep. The Sanapur system is of course available in all standard sizes and fits all standard beds. Cushions and mattresses meet the highest requirements in terms of skin and human compatibility.

Sanapur concept and system

Ergonomic sleeping comfort with system:
Pillow, mattress and slat frame are perfectly coordinated.

Relaxing sleep
is irreplaceable.

Optimum pressure equalisation for joint friendly mounting

Ergo-Check proves:
When lying down, sensitive parts of the body such as shoulders, hips or sacrum are exposed to considerable pressure night after night. Sanapur counteracts this and supports the entire body efficiently while relieving pressure at the same time.

With the recognized Ergo-Check procedure, this pressure can be exactly proven. The pressure between the lying body and the mattress is precisely determined using a highly sensitive measuring mat with numerous measuring points.

A comparison with the technically precise measuring method proves:
With Sanapur (right), there is significantly less pressure on the exposed body parts (up to 15 mm Hg).
In addition, the body is supported much more evenly when lying down than is possible on conventional mattresses.

„Sana pur“ means „healthy and pure“

The name is Sanapur program: All components are certified according to ÖKOTEX Standard 100 Class 1, allergy friendly and the covers are washable up to 60°C. High-quality and certified materials – combined with elaborate workmanship – ensure that even the highest quality standards are met. Sanapur’s self-imposed goal of reducing the energy balance of its products protects the environment and uses resources responsibly.

More about the company Sanapur:

Sanapur International GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2012 in Freudenberg, North Rhine-Westphalia. Ludwig Dehottay – one of the founders and still a member of the Sanapur management board – and his partners have pursued the vision of developing a coherent sleep concept that differs from conventional concepts and products for the benefit of the customer right from the start.

In close cooperation with its partners – who already had four decades of experience in the field of sleeping comfort – a sleep system was realized which, thanks to the perfect interplay of mattress, slat base and pillow, not only meets but exceeds the sleeping needs of the population in all respects.

Special features of the Sanapur sleeping system are the asymmetrical structure – corresponding to the anatomy of the human body – the height-adjustable pillow and a slat base that is precisely matched to the mattress.

Sanapur received confirmation of this concept by, among other things, subsidising two health insurance companies in Belgium and equipping the employees and top athletes of the Lotto Soudal cycling team.

Ludwig Dehottay and his team of experts focus on simplifying things for the benefit of customers. Sanapur therefore produces only one mattress model in three variants, two pillow models in two variants each and one slat base in three variants. With this concept, Sanapur can perfectly cover the various requirements for healthy sleep. Also the – for customers confusing degrees of hardness – have no place in the Sanapur concept. Based on the maximum load, one degree of hardness fits all. Special designs are also no problem for Sanapur and are delivered within four weeks.

True to the motto “Sleep healthier, live better”, Sanapur – and its health-promoting products – always focus on people, their regeneration during sleep and recovery.

With our constant research and further development, we pursue only one goal: to help people achieve a measurably better and perceptibly better sleep through innovative materials, well thought-out concepts and harmonious systems.

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