Sanapur slatted frames –
individually adjustable to your needs

Individual adjustment options, stable construction and natural materials for best lying comfort

Perfect relief and support. Versatile adjustment options for anatomical requirements. In combination with the Sanapur mattress and the Sanapur pillow, the slatted frame completes the perfect feeling of sleep – the Sanapur slatted frame does it all.

As one of the three components of the Sanapur sleep system, the Sanapur slatted frame supports the ergonomic functions of the mattress and thus completes the individual sleep concept. The slatted frame plays an important role in the overall concept: it forms the backbone of the mattress, transmits the physical forces from top to bottom under load and simultaneously maintains the tension force from below.

In order to support the mattress – and its special properties – exactly where more or less relief or support is needed, the slatted frame can be adjusted and adapted in a variety of ways. This is possible in the height and strength of sensitive areas – such as the shoulder, lordosis and pelvic areas – and ensures a relaxed lying feeling.

In the shoulder, lordosis and pelvic areas, the height of the last can be adjusted fivefold. They are factory set to the central 0-position. The last can be lowered up to two positions (for more relief) and raised up to two positions (for more support). The adjustable strips are anthracite. All changes are clearly noticeable and can therefore be precisely adjusted to each individual.

Left picture. The groins in the shoulder, lumbar and pelvic areas can be individually adjusted to your ergonomic needs.

Sanapur slatted frames: Sophisticated design for optimum support of the entire body

The Sanapur slatted frame is made of solid beech wood and is precise and stable. The high-quality frame incorporates 14 pairs of slats, which are connected with sturdy plastic caps. Eight of them are continuously height adjustable in the shoulder, lordosis and pelvic areas. The Sanapur slatted frame is available in three different models and can be integrated into all commercially available beds.

Flexible slatted frame
for unique sleeping comfort

The Sanapur slatted frame brought to the point:

  • Outer frame: 70 mm high, 20 mm thick (solid beech)
  • 28 springwood slats (beech, edged as 14 pairs of slats)
  • 3 pairs of lasts each are 5-fold height adjustable in the shoulder and pelvic area
  • 2 pairs of lasts are 5-fold height adjustable in the lordosis area
  • 28 caps (14 on the left, 14 on the right) made of high-quality plastic hold the strips. The caps of the height-adjustable slats protrude slightly for easier operation.
  • Height 95 – approx. 105 mm (by height adjustment)

Different models – different adjustment possibilities:

Slatted frame
Typ N

> Sanapur slatted frame N [PDF]

The model N is not adjustable.

Slatted frame

> Sanapur slatted frame RLF [PDF]

The model RLF can be adjusted manually in the back and foot area.

Slatted frame
Typ 2M

> Sanapur slatted frame 2M [PDF]

The Model 2M has a twin motor slatted frame and can be comfortably adjusted in the upper body and leg area.

Another highlight of the Sanapur slatted frame: the “foot set”.

Use your slatted frame simply without an expensive bed frame – with the foot set this is quite simply possible. Each Sanapur slatted frame can be converted into an “independent” bed by means of a foot set. Inexpensive and easy to install.

We offer the following accessories in the slatted frame area:

Sanapur mattress holder
This practical accessory is attached to the foot end – it is even included with the 2M model. Not suitable for model N.

Sanapur Side Holder
Available in sets of four. Prevents the mattress from slipping sideways.

The individual features

With our constant research and further development, we pursue only one goal: to help people achieve a measurably better and perceptibly better sleep through innovative materials, well thought-out concepts and harmonious systems.

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