Sanapur mattresses –
developed for your better sleep

Sanapur mattresses: Unique construction for maximum sleeping comfort

All Sanapur models have a head and shoulder zone, a lumbar support, a pelvic zone and a calf and heel zone. This special division enables healthy and painless sleeping in any lying position.

The mattress construction below the lying surface consists of a multi-layer structure based on the body – the excellent moisture transport ensures a perfect sleeping climate. The integrated, grey plate with the shoulder zone enables an advantageous pressure adjustment to the body weight.

Because of the innovative and protected Sanapur Hypersoft shoulder zone and the Hyperflex pelvic zone, heavily stressed body parts – such as the pelvis and shoulder – are gently and ergonomically optimally positioned. The shoulder zone in particular is a key area for ergonomically correct lateral positioning. This is made possible by the special materials and our patented 3D cutting technology. In combination with the base and the integrated lumbar support, it ensures direct transfer to the slat base. The different layers of the mattress are deliberately not glued together in the shoulder area and partly in the pelvic area. This is the only way to ensure efficient sinking into the mattress.

State-of-the-art technology, high-quality materials and years of experience for your healthy sleep

Lying without noticeable pressure. Perfect support and relief of the spine. Get up in the morning better rested, full of energy and without back pain – that’s what mattresses from Sanapur offer you.

Sanapur mattresses were developed to offer an optimum of ergonomically healthy sleeping comfort. By adapting materials, construction and different zones, all Sanapur mattresses offer the necessary pressure relief and sufficient support for a pleasant feeling of lying and sleeping – without noticeable pressure.

By this innovative multi-component structure of the mattress, we can do without the classification into degrees of hardness – everyone gets exactly the mattress, which offers the best and healthiest sleep feeling due to the individual, ergonomic requirements. The Sanapur mattress adapts anatomically to the body in every lying position and reacts immediately to every movement. This allows the spine, intervertebral discs and joints to rest in their natural position – this promotes regeneration from the stresses of the day and ensures sleep without pressure points or unnatural posture.

The Sanapur mattress is available in three different comfort versions. All variants have an active shoulder zone and ergonomic positioning thanks to the sophisticated mattress substructure.

Different models – different zones

For a soft and fresh lying feeling

SANAPUR CLIMA mattresses offer the perfect balance between pressure relief, support function and bed climate.  The soft CLIMA lying surface provides more freedom of movement thanks to its point elasticity and excellent permanently elastic properties. The open cell structure ensures constant moisture and heat regulation and offers a pleasantly fresh lying feeling. The mattress construction below the CLIMA lying surface supports the body and ensures natural ergonomics.  Highly stressed and sensitive body parts such as the shoulder and pelvis are gently and optimally positioned thanks to the innovative and “protected” SANAPUR HyperSoft shoulder zone and the HyperFlex pelvic zone.

For a more familiar and firmer lying sensation

The SANAPUR ECHO mattresses offer a more comfortable and firmer lying feeling. The innovative material of the ECHO lying surface transforms the body pressure exerted into a “positive counterpressure”. The ECHO lying surface has outstanding permanently elastic properties, provides permanent moisture and heat regulation and has an antibacterial effect. Thanks to the patented 3D surface finish, pressure points are noticeably reduced. The mattress construction underneath the ECHO lying surface optimally supports the body.  Highly stressed and sensitive body parts such as the shoulder and pelvis are optimally positioned thanks to the innovative and “protected” SANAPUR HyperSoft shoulder zone and the HyperFlex pelvic zone.

For a relaxed and comfortable lying feeling

The SANAPUR MED mattresses offer a pleasant pressure relief and provide a pleasant supporting function. The velvety MED lying surface is breathable and reacts to body heat and body pressure. It adapts perfectly to the body and provides a relaxed and comfortable lying feeling. The mattress construction below the MED lying surface supports the body and ensures natural ergonomics. Highly stressed and sensitive body parts such as the shoulder and pelvis are positioned comfortably and optimally thanks to the innovative and “protected” SANAPUR HyperSoft shoulder zone and the Hyper-Flex pelvic zone.  The muscles can relax, blood circulation is stimulated, spine and joints are gently supported and stored in their natural position.

Another highlight of Sanapur mattresses:
the integrated seat edge

Not only healthy sleep is enormously important – getting out of bed safely and painlessly is not possible with every mattress. This is because many people who suffer from pain or discomfort will choose a harder mattress, although a softer mattress would offer more sleeping comfort. In this case, the desire to simply get up clearly comes at the expense of a good night’s sleep.

Sanapur mattresses have a unique sitting edge that helps you get up. It is integrated into the centre of the mattress in a crescent shape – this means that it is only used where it is actually needed. There is therefore no disturbing edge in the arm or leg area and easy standing up is guaranteed – despite the softer mattress.

Perfect bed hygiene
made easy

A healthy and restful sleep requires a thorough bed hygiene. Sanapur also leaves nothing to be desired in this respect. The material composition of the mattress core and a well thought-out mattress construction ensure perfect moisture transport. In order to perfect the entire mattress unit, the lying surface of the mattress cover, a high-quality and highly elastic double cloth, was finished with HYDROFAST and PUROTEX® finishes. These finishes are wash resistant. The side edges and the underside of the cover are made of a completely air-permeable 3-D fabric. In this way we create a perfect and efficient bed climate.

The Sanapur mattress cover – ensures a perfect bed and sleeping climate

Removable, divisible and washable up to 60°C.
Suitable for allergy sufferers!
ÖKOTEX Standard 100 – Class 1

Lying surface in ELASTESSE double cloth (570 g/m²):
59% polyester, 40% viscose, 1% elastane,
with Hydrofast® and Purotex® finishing

Side border and underside made of 3D spacer fabric:
100% polyester (maximum air circulation).

Finishing with Hydrofast® and Purotex®.



Reclining surface with Hydrofast® Cool Comfort
Hydrofast is a hydrophilic finishing technology (coating) for tissues that ensures that secreted body moisture is quickly carried away from the body.

Antimicrobial treatment of the lying surface with Purotex®
Active probiotic protection reduces allergens. The latter are not living organisms and are not a source of food for other living organisms. Allergens are disturbing particles that trigger allergic symptoms.

The mattress cover can be easily removed and washed up to 60°C.

All materials comply with the Öko-Tex Standard 100 product class 1 (baby class).

The individual features of the Sanapur CLIMA, ECHO and MED comfort mattresses allow everyone to find the perfect mattress.

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