Sanapur – Ergonomically
correct and healthy sleep.

A perfectly coordinated sleeping system. Three components for ergonomic sleep that is easy on the joints. Relaxing nights in a healthy sleeping environment – this is what the Sanapur sleep concept was developed for.

Mattress, pillow and slatted frame – three innovative and coordinated components for healthy and restful sleep.

Each component of the Sanapur sleep concept has its own special functions and characteristics. The combination of the three components further enhances the benefits of the mattress, pillow and slatted frame – for ergonomically correct sleep. The main advantages of the 3-component Sanapur sleeping system are the relief but also the correct support of sensitive body parts – such as the spine and joints.

Sanapur focuses on the individual adaptation of the products – tailored to the anatomical needs of the customer. In close cooperation with experienced physiotherapists, an overall ergonomic concept was developed that significantly improves the nightly recovery factor.


Anatomically perfect positioning in any lying position thanks to the unique zone structure with head, shoulder, lordosis, pelvis, calf and heel zones. This innovation provides the right relief and support – exactly where it is needed. The result is a pleasant feeling of lying down and sleeping – without noticeable pressure.


Not only combats the symptoms, but also effectively relieves painful tension in the neck and shoulder area. The ergonomic positioning of the head relieves the neck and upper thoracic spine and ensures pain-free nights and days – for both side and back sleepers.

slatted frame

The height and strength of adjustable solid beech wood strips optimise the lying and sleeping position, support the musculoskeletal system and noticeably relieve sensitive parts of the body. Sanapur slatted frames work against painful back tension and can be used in all beds.

A good day starts
with a good morning.

Rückenschläferkissen Vergleich 2018 - Testsieger: Sanapur Original Kissen – Variante Clima

That’s what winners look like:
The Sanapur Original pillow CLIMA

Made of natural, soft latex, the Sanapur Original pillow CLIMA is particularly suitable for people who perspire heavily. The perfect heat and moisture regulation helps you to relax and sleep well at night. The permanently elastic properties ensure constant height stability and a balance between support function and pressure relief – the spine is positioned ergonomically and tension is a thing of the past.

Comparative winner 2018
among the best back sleeping pillows

Physiotherapists about the Sanapur Original pillow:

„After I have tested the pillow and received positive feedback from all patients, I can report the following about this pillow:

Especially for patients with neck and temporomandibular joint problems, the Sanapur neck pillow offers relief through its special shape, but also support in those areas where it is necessary“

Roland Lang, physiotherapist / alternative practitioner from Munich, Germany

Physiotherapists about the Sanapur Original pillow:

„I am a physiotherapist and also an enthusiastic private user of the Sanapur sleep system. I was convinced by the harmonious interaction of the individual components of mattress, supporting spring system and even pillow. In my practice it is possible for customers to take pillows home with them for a test and experience the pleasant feeling of relaxation for themselves.“

Philipp Schachten, physiotherapist from Munich, Germany

Satisfied customers confirm the Sanapur concept:

“Due to my computer workstation I suffer more and more from neck tension with dizziness and back pain. Now I could test the Sanpur pillow and could even sleep for 4 hours. My complaints were clearly better. Now I have bought the pillow and am looking forward to sleeping on it. One lies very relaxed on the pillow due to the hollow of the head”.

Monika Krinner-Blaschek, Lenggries

“Tonight was a dream. The pillow is so wonderfully soft and pleasant. I felt like I was on a cloud. I also felt that my head was lighter. Together with the great mattress it was perfect. Even my back problems were much less this morning compared to the usual days”.

Gina Schiliro, Rosental

“For decades, neck and back tension. Stiff necks every day. I have been testing the Sanapur pillow for 2 weeks now and am thrilled. Much less tension and headaches. Whether on the side or on my back, I FINALLY found the optimal pillow for me. I am really thankful and like to recommend it to others”.

Sabine Dalic, Siegen

In short: Sanapur focuses on perfect, joint-gentle ergonomics in the sleeping area and convinces more and more physiotherapists – who make a clear recommendation for Sanapur.

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